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Dragster Accessories

Sunchaser Racing Products has a great way to help you load and unload your dragster, without the hassle of having to carry a lumber yard with you to the races.  Our Dragster dolly let you easily lift the front of your dragster for trouble free maneuvering and smooth transition between ground and trailer.  The dragster dollies are adjustable so that they can be raise for more height if needed.  Our dollies are lite weight, only weighing in at 20lbs.

Sunchaser Racing Products has a great way to warm-up your dragster with a Dragster quick lift.  You can warm-up your car safely without having to drive your dragster around the pits to warm it up.  Our lifts are safer than unsteady jack stands.  The Dragster quick lift slides underneath the rear cross member of your 4-link dragster giving you the clearance you need for pre-race warm-ups and quick repairs.  The quick lift is adjustable and can raise your rear cross member to 12" in height and can be raised as high as 13 1/2" in height.  The lift is lite weight and collapsible.

A good question to ask yourself if where do you put your nose cone when its not being used, is it on your seat, on your bench, on the floor?  We have solved this problem with our nose cone holder, you can mount it to the wall and place your nose cone safely out of harms way.  Our nose cone holder has rubber on each side, protecting your nose cone from scratches.  The nose cone holders are adjustable to fit Jr dragsters nose cones as well.

Jr Dragster Accessories

Sunchaser Racing Products builds a great Jr dragster quick lift. Our Jr dragster quick lift is so easy to pull over that a young child can do it. Our Jr dragster quick lift is adjustable adding height to allow for soft ground clearance where it might sink into it. Our handles remove easily for storage. The handle swings under your Jr dragster, so you can run your Jr dragster safely at the track or home. 

Sunchaser Racing Products builds a great Jr dragster dolly for one or two Jr dragsters. The Jr dragster dolly is adjustable to create more height and clearance when transporting your Jr dragster at the track.

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